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This weekend was phenomenal.  The weather was insane, tumultuous thunderstorms gave way to gorgeous blue skies, and then the clouds rolled in once more.  It was exciting and beautiful.

It was also the best of both worlds, the rainstorms gave me a great excuse to spend some time in the kitchen, and when the weather cleared up we headed down to the beach.

Swimming with the dogs. We have this great beach by our house- there’s almost never anyone there, and the park district never sends out lifeguards, so lots of people in the neighborhood bring their dogs down to play.  There’s even a fenced off area where we can let Ty off his leash and not worry about him taking off as fast as is little legs can carry him.

I won’t say that Murph has turned into a water-loving pup, but his tolerance for getting wet has gone up considerably since we mived to the beach.  He won’t swim, but he’ll go out into the lake as far as he can as long as his feet still touch the sand.

I prefer to float…

The beach is sheltered in this little cove, and is only about 5 feet deep for a thirty yards out at least- too shallow for boats, and buffeted from crashing waves.  It is truly a miracle that this little beach exists unknown.

Josh and I ate these HUGE ripe cherries until we couldn’t eat any more.

And I made this gorgeous burrata cheese.  (We had our fill of the cheese too.)