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The countdown begins! 10 weeks until my estimated due date has me thinking about newborn Babywearing!

I was so lucky to find Babywearing so early with Henry, we lost no time getting started and it quickly became one of my greatest joys.

No need to reinvent the wheel, for the ultimate comprehensive guide to choosing a carrier for your newborn visit my friend Meredith’s blog Becoming Mamas.  Because Meredith covers the topic so thoroughly, I’m not going to review all the carrier options, I’m only going to talk about my favorite ways to wear a newborn including pros and cons of my favorite carriers.

Ring Slings

6 Weeks

Pros: Ring Slings are fast easy to use carriers.  Even in these old pictures I see the not perfect positioning (now I prefer to cup the shoulder with the sling a bit more) and think “not so bad.” There is not much of a learning curve associated with learning to use ring slings. I always recommend Sleeping Baby Productions slings and website for new wearers because her prices are great, her reputation for quality is top notch and her tutorials are safe and easy to follow. Ring Slings are the ultimate poppable (meaning easy to “pop” baby in and out) carriers; which is so nice when you are nursing every 2 hours and changing 20 diapers a day.

Cons: Ring Slings are one shoulder carries, so you might keep one hand on your newborn until you feel more comfortable and therefore you may feel like it is not truly a hands free carrier. As baby gets bigger you may not be comfortable for long term wearing with a one shouldered carrier.

Woven Wraps


Pros: I can’t imagine I have to tell you that woven wraps are my favorite carriers. I love them, I think they are versatile because they can be tied in many ways, adaptable because they can be used with newborns and toddlers comfortably, comfortable because the woven fabric is not too hot and breathes easily, and customizable because you are trying a simple piece of cloth to fit your body exactly. Woven wraps can be used for front, back and hip carries.

Cons: Tying a woven wrap is a skill, and like any skill it takes practice. But the learning curve is steep, it seems intimidating at first, but soon it is second nature. Woven wraps can be expensive; they are specially woven to carry babies, and the quality of the fabric is better than what you can find at your local fabric store. However there are always to Babywear on a budget, even with woven wraps.

Stretchy Wraps

1 Week

Pros: the best thing about stretchy wraps is they are widely accessible, pretty easy to learn to use and cheap!

Cons: I find stretchy wraps very hot to wear and only comfortable with very small babies (like newborns!) there fore they aren’t favorites for me, but I love them for bring wrapping to a larger audience.

Soft Structured Carriers

2 Weeks

Pros: easy to use, easy to wear, easy to find in stores.

Cons: Likely needs an additional accessory for use with a tiny newborn, either an infant insert or a rolled up blanket to prop baby up so that the fit is correct. I also think you sacrifice some comfort in exchange for ease of use, but I am a wrapper at heart, my husband who prefers buckle carriers finds them more comfortable, so really, it just boils down to personal preference.


Babywearing meetings! Crazy people like me all over organize and hold baby wearing meetings where you can learn about baby wearing safely, try different carriers, and even borrow carriers to try at home. You can find local meetings by searching Google or Facebook, or if all else fails don’t hesitate to get in touch with me and I’ll help you find one. is an amazing resource where you can find video and picture tutorials, mentors, and plenty of babywearers active in the community who are more than willing to answer questions and make recommendations.

Any talk about baby wearing should include talk about safety. Babywearing International says it better than I could, so I encourage you to click through and read about it.