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The last day of the month. I’ve been a bad Down Syndrome Mom Blogger. I’ve wasted much of Down Syndrome Awareness month because I’ve found I hadn’t much to say.

And I think there’s something important in that.

I want to write about down Syndrome and our experience, I want to reach out to other parents, and other people struggling with a diagnosis, but we just… I don’t know, it doesn’t play much of a part in our lives. I mean, obviously he has it and we do therapy and all that stuff, but day to day, he’s just a baby.

When it’s just a diagnosis, not a baby yet, it’s consuming. Naturally all your thoughts are going to be about how different life will be. How hard.

Now that Cop is a real life baby, it is different, it is hard. But it’s different and hard 90% of time for the normal reasons- lack of sleep, diaper changes, getting spit up on, trying to keep the toddler from hurting the baby, trying to get dinner made and laundry done and pay attention to the toddler and take care of the baby. Having two kids is a juggling act. Very little of that is about Down Syndrome.

Yes, we go to the doctor more than some. Yes, we open our home to several therapists. Yes, we spend a portion of each day with Copley doing physical therapy.

No, none of these things feel like a hardship.

Maybe paying the extra bills does, Down Syndrome is expensive, I won’t lie about that, especially the first couple of years.

Milestones come a little slower. But the small victories are that much sweeter.

And most days you won’t think about the milestones anyway.

You’ll think about the lack of sleep, the diaper changes. The baby farts. The toothless smiles. And you’ll forget about Down Syndrome for long stretches of time and get on with your life.