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Well, I did it. I sorted out all the maternity and postpartum sized clothes I’ve been wearing since Copley was born, and stored them away in the basement, just in case. I found that, work clothes (on the left) aside, I’m left with fewer than 20 pieces in my wardrobe. Which is OK, I don’t need many, but I do need a few more things that fit and look good.


I decided to turn to Tim Gunn and his 1o Wardrobe Essentials for inspiration to build the perfect, small, wardrobe.

I decided to shop my closet first (because I’m cheap and lazy) and I found what I think might be my first sweatsuit alternative. I’m not sure if it’s “The One” but it did feel like a slightly more stylish way to loge around the house on Sunday morning, but maybe not a great alternative for running errands- at least not in the winter.


What do you think? What’s your alternative to a sweatsuit?