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“Mama calls them pooches. “Those pooches,” says mama. Papa call them hounds. “Those hounds,” says papa.”

Circle Dogs is one of our favorite children’s books, because we have a  couple circle dogs of our own.

Josh is the main dog wrangler in Eisenbergia. He feeds them and walks them, takes them to the vet and the groomer. Because he is the keeper of all things, they love him best.

Josh and Hen went on vacation this weekend leaving Cop and I home to take care of the pooches. And what a transformation- when I’m in charge of all the things they suddenly find lots of love for mama.

This winter has been brutal, the snow is just piling on top of itself. For a  sensitive delicate flower like Tiberius it’s been unbearable. He is deeply dependent on his routine, not flexible in the slightest.


Well, we had to fly by the seat of our pants this weekend, he did alright, but he sure was happy when Josh came home.

Murphy is another story. I’m Murphy’s 10th favorite person on the planet- and Murph only knows 10 people. He really only likes me when we are alone or when he’s terrified of thunder or fireworks.  By gum if Murph wasn’t a lovey snuggle buddy all weekend. It was just like old times.


These pooches. These hounds.