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Well look at this little birthday surprise that showed up on my doorstep! My great friend Suz is super thoughtful and better than anyone I know at remembering occasions and choosing gifts that people actually love.


I have been adding the Lorac Pro Palette (not sponsored, just having fun) to my cart and taking it out for months. On one hand, what a perfect palette, the whole range of neutrals, matte and shimmer all in one place.


On the other hand, I knew it would not be a palette match, so I just couldn’t pull the trigger. Now that I have it in my hot little hands, I can see quite a few shades that will work, and the warmer shades will be fun to play around with.

Best part; I’ve been looking for a better color to use as brow fill for months; I’ve been using MAC Brun which is close, but too warm, Espresso, the dark matte brown on the palette is a perfect cool brown.

Time to play! When I was a single gal living alone I used to “play” make-up- on a night in I’d play around trying new looks, this little gift inspired me to play again.


Of course the first place I looked for a tutorial to make the best use of my new palette is my favorite make-up blog Maskcara. Although I use her tips less and less the more I embrace my bright winter palette, she’s definitely my first stop for all thinks make-up.

“Natural” Make-up look tutorial– I put natural in quotes because this looks nothing like natural me, but I suppose that’s the point right? If I wanted lo look totally natural I’d skip the make-up all together- and most days I do.


I took my search to YouTube for this next look. I’ve never been able to do a smoky eye without looking like I got beat up, so I’m pretty happy with the results here. It’s definitely a look better suited for a night on the town than a night on the couch, but hey, that’s my life!

Tutorial for a smoky eye

(Forgive the weird lighting in these pics, the first is very early morning, the second is late at night)

Have you tried this palette? Have any great tutorial recommendations for me?