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Beauty wasn’t really a priority this week, so I was feeling a little hard up for a post, until I started reading through last week’s reader comments and I came to one left by Rosemarie:

“After I had my son I remembered your post about sunglasses and bright lipstick helps on the days you get no sleep! So true, that is a great way to look like a rockstar when you’ve been up with a baby all night.”

 Rosemarie must have been reading a long time (and I thank you for that Rosemarie) because it’s been a while since we talked about my favorite make-up tip.

 The One Minute Beauty Trick 


No tricks, this is really what I look like at the end (and usually the beginning) of my day. Exhausted is an understatement. Sometimes I don’t have the time, energy, inclination or motivation to get cute. So I fake it with the one minute beauty trick.

I wear bright lipstick because I’m a bright winter, but this shade won’t look good on everyone, pick a color that looks good on you, a handy pair of shades (these are from the gas station, very chic) and voila. Nobody needs to know I was up at 4 am with the baby, just worked an 11 hour day in a steel mill and haven’t showered since Saturday.