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The path is finished! This path is 3 summers in the making, and Josh finally finished it this weekend, I’m so pleased with it, we’ll get some ground cover to fill it in and next summer it’s going to look amazing.


Last summer we had temporary plastic fencing up to keep the dogs out of the beds and it got the job done, but our goal s to have a functional and aesthetically pleasing garden space, so we’ve been on the lookout for a more attractive option. I think we’ve found it, and its on the way, so we took dow that ugle plastic fence.  We also continue our journey to find the best tomato cages period. We’ve done the conical tomato cages you can buy at the garden center, the heavy duty tomato cages you can buy at the garden center, the square box tomato cages you can buy and last summer finally a PVC and pipe structure Josh built. So far nothing supports the monsters we grow (gotta love that amazing Midwest soil) and looks great.


This year josh turned to Martha Stewart because, let’s face it, she knows her stuff, and constructed these cages out of concrete reinforcing mesh. They are non galvanized so they have a pleasing rustic look in our garden, and they are sturdy. I’ll report back later in the summer on how they work out.


Our next project is getting the coop built and our chickens in residence.  The only place we can put the coop to meet all village requirements is right in the middle of what was the asparagus bed. We dug up the bed because we were going to bag the asparagus this year anyway (a lot of work for a little reward asparagus) but the asparagus just keeps growing back! Oh well, the girls will have a little snack. I’m looking forward to one last push of work in the garden, then it’s just maintenance until harvest time.

Do any of you have garden projects going on? I’d love to see them!