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On Saturday I went down to Louisville for a Personal Color Analysis by Cate Linden of Cate Linden Chromatics.


Cate’s studio is a completely neutral grey, and the first thing you see when you walk in is the wall of drapes.


We started our session by talking about color- hue, value, and chroma, and how the seasons relate to each other.


Then we moved on to hand boards, where Cate had me hover my hand over 4 different colors of cardstock to see if any of the colors changed the appearance of my hands- none of the colors elongated or shortened the look of  my fingers, or made prominent my veins, but some of the colors made my knuckles look darker and more shadowed.


Next I put on a grey cap and cloak, the same color as the room to obscure hair and clothing that might influence my analysis.


Cate also wore a grey coat, the chair, mirror frame, walls, everything visible in our line of sight was grey except for my skin.


As Cate proceeded to drape me with a particular order of colors, I took notes per her directions. It was apparent early on that I am not an Autumn, the browns, creams, and warm tones were obviously not doing me any favors.

It also became clear that I likely wasn’t a summer, the summer colors were maybe ok, but lacked the saturation and depth I needed. They just looked a little lackluster and boring.


We eliminated all Autumn and Summer seasons. We also eliminated Light Spring and the remaining True seasons- True Spring and True Winter.  Based on the first series of drapes done with true colors, none of them impressed us, and were I a true season, we’d have been wowed.


Next we were able to eliminate Dark Winter, this was one of the most interesting drapes of the day for me, the dark winter proof (the make-it-or-break-it color for a particular season) instantly aged me in a very specific way.  As soon as Cate draped the dark winter proof across my shoulders  my smile lines and wrinkles deepened and darkened. It was the most dramatic moment of the day for me, it really brought what we were doing here into focus.

At the end of the session it became a showdown between Bright Spring and Bright Winter. I’d shown a stronger affinity for winter colors all day, but there were a couple of Bright Spring colors that had us second guessing Bright Winter.

I was also concerned that my expectation and perhaps my preference for the Bright Winter palette that I’ve been living in was influencing my perception as well.  We called in our husbands for a second opinion and something really interesting happened. Under the watchful eyes of two people who really, truly couldn’t have cared less (but proffered helpful opinions anyway) we were both able to see the obvious winner was…


Bright Winter!

I’m really happy. I was a bit reluctant to do PCA because a part  of me was worried that I’d discover that I was a different season, and I’ve grown to love this palette that was so out of my comfort zone when I first discovered it.

Next week I’m going to have an interview with Cate right here on Beauty Tuesday.  If you have any questions for her about Personal Color Analysis leave them here in the comments.