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The first crop ready for harvest is always Radishes. Radishes are a great instant gratification crop to grow with kids, because they germinate in just a few days and are ready to harvest in as little as 22 days.


Radishes are great in salads and tacos, but you can really only burn through so many as a garnish, and my very favorite radish recipe- Radish, butter, and salt open faced sandwiches– is off the table this year as Cop and I are still eating dairy free.

I turned to Pinterest to find some inspiring recipes and here’s what I came up with-

This simple Spring Radish Salad 

A crisp Cucumber and Radish Salad

Three ingredient Roasted Radishes

Sautéed Radishes with Bacon and Rosemary

Radish and Egg Salad Sandwiches

Sweet Riesling Pickled Radishes

I’ll be pinning dairy free recipes to highlight veggies from our garden all summer- follow my Garden Goodies board on Pinterest, and comment below if you’ve got a great recipe to share!