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When I found this Maskcara tutorial for 4 Minute Mom Make-up a couple of years ago, it totally revamped my Make-up routine.  However when I discovered PCA and learned that I am a Bright Winter, I had to give up brown- I was so bummed about giving up my contouring.

I talked about it in this post, and a few commenters suggested Nyx Taupe blush for contouring. It was surprisingly hard to find Nyx Taupe blush (had to get it as an Amazon add-on), so I’m just now trying it.

I was initially disappointed when I opened the package, I don’t know why I was expecting something magically brown but not brown? I don’t know. But I didn’t have high hopes.


Well contour me pleasantly surprised.

(ba dum bum)

It’s not aging, it doesn’t look muddy, in fact it looks pretty good.


You can see next to the bronzer I was previously using it’s quite a bit cooler. Certainly not harmonious with my fan, but when applied with a light hand it’s not at odds with my coloring either.