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Just a few more days until I leave for the 2014 International Babywearing Conference in Tempe!

The weather should be terrible, but the AC in the hotel will be cranking out on high! I’m meeting most of my friends at the conference and believe it or not… I’m traveling without my kids for 4 whole days!

IMG_5944[1]I know it sounds a little crazy that I’ll be traveling to a babywearing conference without my baby, but I am attending class sessions as an educator the entire trip, have dinners and nights out planned with friends, and plan to do lots of networking for BWI South Chicagoland and 321 Carry, so josh and I decided that the best way I can make the most of my trip is by flying solo.

SOLO! I’m so excited! I fly out on Wednesday night! Now to just get through the next three days of work…focus focus focus…