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On Fridays I’m linking up for a 365 hosted by Sarah @ Nurse Loves Farmer, Mindi @ Simply Stavish, and Stephanie @ Behind the Camera & Dreaming.



Cop is so into the swings! It is so amazing watching his world open up little by little. He works hard, so much harder than Henry ever had to, and we share his joy when that hard work pays off.


Chickens man, they are so funny.


Josh built the girls a nice long tractor so they could run around.


I didn’t really even see what was happening here, I was just clicking and hoping to capture some cuteness. When I pulled these pictures into my camera my heart just exploded with awesome adorableness.


I’m getting my fill of flowers, stocking up while I still can, fall is coming, and winter on its heels. I have no idea what kind of pictures I’ll shoot when miserable grey winter hits here this year. Maybe I’ll build a studio…


This is our friends old gal Scarlet, I must say, I could take pictures of animals all day forever.