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And just like that, seemingly overnight, my little baby is kind of looking like a big toddler.


A boy. A kid.


He loves sitting, laughing, eating beans and corn chips, has two bottom teeth and is getting two top teeth as we speak.


He’s a happy, calm, and curious baby. I suppose he’s not always happy, but in comparison to his brother who NEVER seems to be happy, Copley is a tiny ball of sunshine.


He looks at everything, he watches everything. He laughs a lot. He yells at us when he is displeased (usually when he wants a cup of water or some more beans) and does a happy dance when I get out a wrap to wear him when I get home from work.


He is still nursing, but infrequently and I’m aware every time that it may be our last time… or we may hang on like this for another year. There is just no way to tell.

I normally aim for consistency when editing a set of photos, so I apologize that today’s edits are all over the map. I’m taking a processing course right now and there are just too many fun things to try!

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