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I have a group of friends online, we are mostly babywearers (though some awesome nonwearing friends have got in on the action) and together we’ve discovered Personal Color Analysis, Kibbe style, proper bra fitting, and Curly Girl Method. It’s been fun and frivolous and frankly, I think all of us are coming out the other side feeling good about the skin we are in. One surprising side effect of all this beauty introspection has been a great simplifying of my beauty routine. Sounds counterintuitive doesn’t it? Spend lots of time obsessing but end up feeling lighter and simpler? Let me explain, now that I know what colors are right on me, I don’t waste time on the wrong colors. Now that I’ve embraced my 2B waves, I don’t waste time straightening and fighting frizz. Bras fitting better = feel better about my body. Kibbe is still a mystery to me, but my take away has been: not everything is going to look good on me, don’t waste time trying to force it.

I woke up last week to find it’s now dark in the morning. Fall is here and it’s time for a wardrobe shake up.

How’s this for a shake up?

33 items
3 months
Project 333


I read the rules and started at How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe


My needs are a little different from her needs (2 bracelets? Who wears bracelets?) so I set about personalizing my list.

5 shirts
1 jeans
2 jeans
1 leggings
1 sweatshirt
2 light sweaters
3 t shirts
2 shirts
2 cardigans
1 sweatshirt
1 Dress
1 Skirt
1 sunglasses
2 necklaces
1 purse
1 camera bag
2 scarf
1 Coat*
3 Shoes

*I need a winter coat. I’ve been wearing my ratty busted maternity coat for 4 winters now! I really need to pull the trigger this year and make it happen.

Through the course of this project I hope to dress simply and chicly, I want to identify the real staples in my wardrobe and use this opportunity to replace any shabby items with quality pieces. This isn’t really a no-shopping challenge for me, I rarely shop now, instead I want to take a cue from what I actually find myself wearing and decide where to spend wisely.