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I swallowed hard when I saw the prompt for CM P52 this week, it’s bad timing really, it wouldn’t have struck me so hard any other time, but earlier this week a good friend’s house caught fire, their life is in shambles right now, they are scattered and lost, but safe.

It feels rather glib and shallow to make a game of this, but nonetheless, I started thinking about it; what do I have that’s of any import in a situation like that? Nothing. We are just so glad they are safe and well, who cares about things, right?


Well, the kids it turns out, the kids, they care about their things. It was really touching how carefully her kids picked their most prized possessions once the fire was out and they were allowed back in to salvage a few treasures before demolition. So this weekend, when I came around the corner and I saw my son had dragged three toys down from his bedroom and lined them all up to watch TV with him, and I was struck by the thought that if I had but a few minutes to grab our prized possessions, I’d grab Henry’s treasures, so we could make the transition and loss a little less for him, if only in a very small way. So now I know to grab Thomas, George, and Edgar.


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