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From time to time it is my great honor to work with Pavo Textiles doing some photography for their woven wrap releases.


I’ve written before about my admiration for the founders of Pavo, Jennifer and Erin, and their mission to provide heirloom quality wraps woven from the finest natural materials right here in the United States. They have impeccable taste, enviable work ethics, and generous hearts- they are the platinum supporters of 321 Carry, and have never waited for me to ask, instead always offered donations.

Their philanthropy extends farther than 321 Carry, every year in the month of February they run a special heart themed wrap and donate all proceeds to the Children’s Heart Foundation.


They inspire me, and are in fact one of the reasons I thought maybe I could actually start 321 Carry. If they could start an entire company, why couldn’t I start a little non-profit?


On a more personal note, they are also friends; great friends who make me a better me, and laugh with me when I fall short. They were with me when we got Cop’s diagnosis- they were the first people I told, and they were among the first people to get over it with us and move on to happy.

As Cop gets bigger and we near the end of our babywearing days (but not too near I hope), I’m reminded just how lucky I am to have been a Pavo insider. To watch them grow, and take off and to have been along for the ride, it’s been a dream.