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I love the New Year. I love resolutions. I love the fresh start we get every year.

This year I resolve to:
Take better care of my skin (drink water, wash face), my stress(stay organized), my body(stretch more, move more).
Sleep More. Internet Less. Take pictures every day.
Eat better food. Drink better wine.
Put more money away in savings, for college, for trust.
Pay off all Credit Card Debt (I very nearly accomplished this goal in 2015, and I want to do it again!)

Some things I did right away:

Face washing station- I’m still in the bad habit of going to sleep with make up on. That, combined with the atmosphere at work and I’m also still rocking some pretty legit acne at age 35. I set up a little face washing station with clean washcloths, towels, and face stuff in the downstairs bathroom to make this easier on myself.

Refresh my closet- I keep a super small capsule wardrobe so my closet is pretty in control, but now’s a good time to take a look and bite the bullet on new socks, etc. and swap out a couple of pieces for a fresh look.

Kick off my new 2016 Bullet Journal. I’m in year three of this system, and I’m so glad to have found a journaling system that works for me. I’m trying a new photography journal this year too, we’ll see if it takes. If you’ve never heard of Bullet Journal and are looking for something to help keep your life in order, I cannot recommend this enough. I keep it simple, some people get totally carried away. I love this make-it-your-own system for its flexibility.

Clean my e-space- organize my desktop and cloud storage in preparation for a new year. This includes both my computers at home and my computer at work. Back up all pictures to external hard drive. Clean out inbox, unsubscribe from all unwanted email lists.

Digit- I’ve been using Digit to automatically save a few bucks every few days without even thinking about it. Josh and I have been paying for our dates, vacations, and even part of our kitchen renovation with money we saved without even thinking about it.

Clean my office! After a 2 week vacation (which was heavenly) The very first thing I did when I got to work this morning was a little housekeeping. Cleaned floors, surfaces, papers. It didn’t take more than

Happy New Year friends, it’s good to see you