3.21 Carry

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Friends- I have been waiting for this day for some time, working hard behind the scenes and anxiously counting down to today.


Josh and I are avid babywearers, this is not news to anyone who has read this site for any length of time.  Neither of us can imagine life without a carrier.  Josh is utilitarian, wearing enriches and makes his life easier. It helps him care for our children and get things done. For me wearing goes far beyond convenience, it’s passion.

Babywearing is a passion I chose, and Down syndrome is a passion that was chosen for me. Having a child with special needs is transformative. My new passion didn’t usurp my old one,  instead I was inspired to combine the two.

One night we were out to dinner, when Copley, whose physical disability would not allow him to sit in a highchair, refused to sit in his carseat.  I wrapped him up and we enjoyed a peaceful dinner and started talking about all the ways babywearing made our lives easier, especially as Cop’s physical disability outpaced his physical development.

The simple idea for 3.21 Carry was born- get a carrier into the hands of every parent of a special needs child who needs one.

Our purpose is to serve both parents who need special carriers to meet special needs, and parents of older children with special needs who need carriers for younger typical children.

Please visit our website, like our page on Facebook, think about making a small donation.


365 Fridays- Week 25

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On Fridays I’m linking up for a 365 hosted by Sarah @ Nurse Loves Farmer, Mindi @ Simply Stavish, and Stephanie @ Behind the Camera & Dreaming.


I’m finishing up a 4 week composition class and I’m just plain tired of taking pictures. My kids are tired of having their pictures taken. Josh is tired of helping out. We are all ready to wrap it up. I’ve learned a lot, and I’m so glad I took the plunge but I’m ready for a break from homework.

DSC_1248I took this picture of Pepe outside because the light was a little better, but I really prefer my “studio” pics of my chickens.

Happy baby.


Happy big kid.

Henry looks so much like Josh- such a good looking kid.

And sometimes Josh makes a face that looks so much like Cop it kills me!


Garden Goodies- Radishes

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The first crop ready for harvest is always Radishes. Radishes are a great instant gratification crop to grow with kids, because they germinate in just a few days and are ready to harvest in as little as 22 days.


Radishes are great in salads and tacos, but you can really only burn through so many as a garnish, and my very favorite radish recipe- Radish, butter, and salt open faced sandwiches- is off the table this year as Cop and I are still eating dairy free.

I turned to Pinterest to find some inspiring recipes and here’s what I came up with-

This simple Spring Radish Salad 

A crisp Cucumber and Radish Salad

Three ingredient Roasted Radishes

Sautéed Radishes with Bacon and Rosemary

Radish and Egg Salad Sandwiches

Sweet Riesling Pickled Radishes

I’ll be pinning dairy free recipes to highlight veggies from our garden all summer- follow my Garden Goodies board on Pinterest, and comment below if you’ve got a great recipe to share!


Beauty Tuesday- Living In Your Season

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I’ve been needing a wardrobe overhaul for a few months. I lost baby weight, and discovered I’ve basically been wearing “fat pants” and maternity clothes for 4 years. Yikes. With my draping looming I’d been a bit reluctant to buy new clothes, but now that I’m confirmed Bright Winter it’s go time!


Shopping with my fan was a totally different shopping experience. I kind of hate shopping, but having my fan definitely streamlined the process. I fan matched everything before I went back to the dressing room which really cut down on options and meant I only tried on pieces that flattered my coloring (except for an orange tank I couldn’t resist, but should have because it looked  AWFUL). I also grabbed a couple things I otherwise wouldn’t have reached for, a dark green t shirt that wouldn’t have been on my radar, except that it was the color of the “proof” drape for BW. It was one o the best things I tried on all day.

diptych shopping

A little comparison of what I should be wearing and what was in my closet. It’s just such a huge difference, the bright clear winter colors compared to what I assume is the soft autumn palette that dominated my wardrobe in the past. I wonder if I was hiding from something?

Next rabbit hole? Kibbe! (But that’s a post for another day)

Slow Down

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Josh and I have both been burning the candle at both ends lately.  Part of it is seasonal- Spring is a time to work here in Eisenbergia, we have a garden to plan, house projects to tackle, landscaping to tend to.

I’m also working on a few projects that are on the cusp of completion! I’m dying to let the cat out of the bag AND get back to some kind of normal life where we aren’t working all day and all night.

These boys have the right idea. One of the beautiful things about having small children, they don’t prioritize, they live in the here and now. There is no later.

365 Fridays- Week 24

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On Fridays I’m linking up for a 365 hosted by Sarah @ Nurse Loves Farmer, Mindi @ Simply Stavish, and Stephanie @ Behind the Camera & Dreaming.


Lots and lots and lots of pictures didn’t make the cut this week. I don’t know what I’m going to do with so many lovely pictures.


There aren’t as many loving peaceful moments in our house with our wild boys as I dreamed. But the sweet brother moments are so precious.


I just can’t get over this kid, sitting, so pleased and proud of himself. Not nearly as pleased and proud as we are.


Hot summer nights.


Crisp white sheets.


Monkey bars. “I’m just swinging”


“I’m just running”


“I’m just wearing”


Maiden Goods- #3

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This is a very special wrap for a very special friend.

I finished this warp a little while ago, but I was waiting to share pictures of it until I could give it to my good friend Bree who is expecting her second Baby.

I wanted to design one warp that we could split, it was really fun planning it out and picking colors that would work for both of us by simply changing the weft color.


I picked some of my favorite colors on her, deep eggplant and red, and paired them with great colors for me, bright pink and fuschia. Eggplant weft to deepen it for her, lots of crazy weft changes to mix it up for me (the bright pink is my favorite).


She can wear it with the eggplact rail closest to her face and I wear iot with the pink rail closest to my face, and voila! We both look like we are in wraps designed for us, which, we are.

Father’s Day

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We had a very nice low key father’s day. Worked in the yard, went to Boston Market for lunch (hey, they love it), and had a nice little father’s day photo shoot.



Beauty Tuesday- Q&A with Cate Linden Chromatics

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As promised last week, I’m happy to bring you a Q&A with Cate Linden of Cate Linden Chromatics. Cate is the analyst I saw last weekend in Louisville for my PCA, she’s also a friend. I asked for questions online in one of the facebook seasonal color analysis groups, and added a couple of my own for good measure.


How did you discover color? What made you pursue a career in PCA? Tell us about your color journey.

I don’t remember specifically discovering color. I’ve always been interested in it. When I was eight or nine my mom started redecorating our house. We made endless trips to Home Depot and I amused myself by collecting my favorite paint chips. I’m an avid reader and I’ve always thrilled by passages involving color (you’d be hard-pressed to avoid them) because they are so evocative.Here’s a Nabokov line that I’ve always loved: “a portion of pale blue sky – mild infantile shade of blue – taste of milk in my mouth because I had a mug of that colour thirty-five years ago.”

As for the career, it just seemed like a natural progression. I was already running a color-related business as a dye artist. The more I learned about PCA, the more I realized I knew nothing and that I wanted to know more. Additionally, even when I was actually living in the wrong season, it was a great process of self-discovery and self-acceptance.

Have you seen any correlation between eye patterns/colors and season?

Yes, but I’m still learning. There are patterns that are often indicative of certain seasons, but there aren’t hard and fast rules. Many Winters have a lot of warmth to their eyes, for example, even orange.

Are there any seasons that are easier or harder to diagnose than the others, or is ease of diagnosis only dependent on how strongly a person exhibits seasonal characteristics?

Mostly dependent on the person, in my experience. PCA can be very unpredictable!

I’m really curious about how sun (tan) affects PCA. I know it’s not supposed to, but it seems that it should.

Tanning will not affect your real season, and neither will a sunburn or rosacea; none of those things alter the colors that are inherent to your body. They are part of your overtone. What you LOOK like is not necessarily what you ARE.

Also how skin might change color with age – does that impact PCA?

The general consensus among analysts is no, but of course, we don’t have enough information (people draped when young and then again when older) to answer definitively. We do lose pigmentation as we age, so it’s possible that your season will change, most likely one season cooler. But you’d never start out as a Bright Winter in your twenties and become a Soft Summer in your sixties or anything drastic like that.

I’m curious about how graying hair affects season. I know it’s not supposed to, but before my hair got lighter, I wore black much better than I do now.

Black isn’t most people’s color, but maybe your dark hair made some connection with it. Sometimes during an analysis, I’ll like a color on a client because it connects with their eye color. That’s all fine and good, but what does it do for the rest of the face?

I was told my gray hair was a bit confusing for my online PCA because it influenced the analyst to think cool season until she disregarded it.

I’ll talk about online analysis in one of the next questions, but that’s part of why we cover the hair during a draping. I don’t want to be visually influenced by your grey, brown, red, blonde, or purple hair, because it doesn’t mean anything in terms of determining your Sci\ART season. That said, grey is not automatically cool. There are warm greys and cool greys.

I want to know are there any universal colors?

Nope. There isn’t a single color on earth that every single person can wear and look their absolute best in. PCA just doesn’t work that way. If this color exists, I haven’t seen any evidence! I see teal brought up sometimes. Everyone has a version of teal, but they will all be different.

Also, how do you feel about the “counterpoint season” idea? I feel like I’m better in my neighbor season than my counterpoint.

It’s an oversimplification. Every person and every draping is different. I’m a Dark Autumn. My “counterpoint season” is Bright Spring. The Bright drapes, and Spring in general, were my absolute worst colors during my draping. I’d be better off in one of my neighbors than my counterpoint. But sometimes it happens, sure. I draped a friend who is a Dark Winter, but at the end we were choosing between Dark Winter and Soft Summer, which are counterpoint seasons. Whether you’re looking at your counterpoint or neighbor, your “runner-up” season will still lack the magic of your actual season.

What are your views on the accuracy of online analysis?

Take them with a grain of salt. My main issue with online analysis is that the client doesn’t see the changes. It’s very important to me that my clients see exactly why they are what they are. Getting an email with “Congratulations, you’re a Light Summer!” doesn’t give the client any information to work with except someone’s opinion. It’s like an invitation to doubt. Sometimes online analysis is right, particularly if you look like your season’s stereotypes. But more frequently, an in-person draping reveals something entirely different. It’s just impossible to ignore the other colors going on in photographs, not to mention changes in lighting, cameras, computer monitors, etc.

Will all the colors in my palette look good on me? When I first thought I might be BW, I tried Girl About Town and thought it did not look good, even though the other BW lips looked great. I need to try it again, now that I’m used to the color and palette, but is it possible it just won’t look good on me?

Makeup, no. Absolutely not. Your individual pigmentation and overtone will play a role here, because you’re applying colors to your face. One lipstick applied to the lips of four Soft Summer women will probably look a little different on all of them. Where you fall in the seasonal spectrum matters, too. The vast majority of clothing in your palette will look fantastic on you, but you will still have preferences. For example, I know a lot of people avoid colors in their palette that look too much like their skin color.


Thanks Cate, it was great chatting about color with you!

First Birthday

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This face! He wasn’t quite sure what to make of this candle…
Or the cake, but after closer inspection…
He decided to try it… success! Who doesn’t love cake?
Henry that’s who! At least, not when it’s baby cake- angel food cake with sugar free whipped coconut cream.
In the afternoon we did a 1 year photo shoot on our special blanket, the one made with love by our friends, the one we’ve taken a photo on every month. I thought about doing a cute themed shoot, but it didn’t really feel like us.

And Copley got US the best gift of all for his birthday.

After an entire year of hard work at PT, he is finally, gleefully, wonderfully able to sit up.

DSC_0733He can’t do it by himself, and he can’t do it for long, but he can do it! It is so amazing to have breakthroughs like this one, I can see his whole life opening up in moments like this.

In the weeks leading up to his birthday I was so hung up on him turning 1 before he learned how to sit… so he teaches me a lesson and sits the very day after his birthday. I believe he will teach me humility for the rest of my life. And it is a lesson I will likely need to learn over and over. I’m so grateful to be his mama.