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Babywearing on a Budget

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I share a lot of my babywearing pictures and I’m often wearing new and different wraps. Collecting wraps is a hobby for me, and it’s where most of my “fun money” goes. In the world of custom, hard to find and collectors wraps it’s easy to get caught up in the idea that babywearing is expensive. It can be… but it doesn’t have to be. Like anything else (bags, shoes, cars and even houses) carriers come in a wide range of price points; a Ferarri is nice but a Ford will get you around just as well.

I’m asked a lot of questions about “bargain” carriers so I wanted to put together a recourse on babywearing on a budget.  But whose budget? I’m going cap our budget at $130. This may seem a little high to some, and if it’s high for you I’ll be sharing lots of carriers at lower price points as well.

Those of you familiar with the variety of baby carriers on the market may recognize that a few carriers are noticeably absent. For example the Baby Bjorn… the Bjorn is a lower price option carrier, but I will never recommend forward facing narrow-based carriers, regardless of price. I’m simply unwilling to sacrifice optimal positioning to save a buck.

Of course this is not an exhaustive list, but it’s a start.

Ring Slings

Sleeping Baby Productions- starting at $40.00

Comfy Joey- starting at $47.50

Comfy Joey, Maya Wrap and Rockin Baby Slings at WoevnWraps.com starting at $70.00

Wrap Conversion Ring Slings at Marsupial Mamas starting at $80.00

Storchenwiege and Girasol Ring Slings at Purple Elm Baby starting at $99.00

Storchenwiege, Girasol, and Sakura Bloom Ring Slings at Caribou Baby starting at $89.00

Buckles (SSC’s- Soft Structured Carriers)

Ergo- $97.80– I love the Ergo, it is widely available and is an ergonomically correct design. The Ergo fits newborns (with infant insert or rolled up blanket to support infant) and toddlers.

Infantino Support Ergonomic Cotton Carrier- $44.99– Not all Infantino carriers are created equal, the ONLY Infantino SSC I am recommending is the Support, it has a wide base and proper ergonomic design, this is not true of their other SSC’s (Bliss, Breathe, Flip and Infinity)

Boba Air- $65.00

Boba Classic- $90.00

Boba 3G- $120.00

Beco Gemeni- $129.00

Beco Butterfly- $124.48

Metropolitain Pikkolo Carrier- $129.00

Mei Tais

Catbird Baby Mei Tai- starting at $89.00

Maya Tie’s at WovenWraps.com- $90.00

Echino Kozy Mei Tai at Purple elm Baby- $110.00


Stretchies and Hybrids

Gypsy Mama Wrapsody Bali Stretch – $86.00

Moby- $47.95

Boba Wrap- $37.95

K’Tan – $49.95




US and NA Retailers- these online retailers in the US and NA all have wraps, ring slings, Mei Tais or other carriers for less than $130 in stock. Tips! Check the sale and clearance sections.

(I have had excellent personal experience with Birdies Room , Marsupial Mamas, Purple Elm BabyWoven Wraps, and Wrappers Paradise)

Abbys Lane – http://www.abbyslane.com/

Birdies Room – http://www.birdiesroom.com/

Cariboubaby – http://www.cariboubaby.com/

Children’s Needs – http://www.childrensneeds.com/

Frog Mama – http://www.frogmama.com/

Granola Babies – http://www.granolababies.com/

Heart-Hugs – http://www.heart-hugs.com/

Heavenly Hold – http://www.heavenlyhold.com/

Hip Mommy – http://www.hipmommy.com/

Marsupial Mamas – http://www.marsupial-mamas.com/

Metro Minis – http://www.metrominis.net/

Purple Elm Baby – http://www.purpleelmbaby.com/

Quirky Baby – http://www.quirkybaby.com/

Risaroo – http://www.risaroo.com/

Slingo Mama – http://www.slingomama.nl/nl/

Sling with me – http://www.slingwithme.com/

The Blueberry Tree – http://www.theblueberrytree.com/

The Mommy Dialogues – http://www.themommydialogues.com/

The Natural Baby Co – http://www.thenaturalbabyco.com/

Uppybaby – http://www.uppybaby.net/

Wear a Baby – http://www.wearababy.com/

Woven Wraps – http://www.wovenwraps.com/

Wrappers Paradise – http://www.wrappers-paradise.com/

Wrap your baby – http://www.wrapyourbaby.com/

Zerberts – http://www.shopzerberts.com/

 Etsy and DIY

Because I have no experience with the carrier makers on Etsy I can’t recommend or vouch for the safety of their products. I urge you to do your own research before buying these carriers, find out if the maker is in compliance with new US regulations and if the maker is affiliated with the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance. Buyer beware! Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

As for DIY carriers, I’m not really into it, but there is an entire board on TheBabyWearer.com dedicated to DIY baby carriers. Here you can find information about how to make your own carriers, what materials are suitable for said carriers and safety information.


Babywearing meetings! Crazy people like me all over organize and hold baby wearing meetings where you can learn about baby wearing safely, try different carriers, and even borrow carriers to try at home. You can find local meetings by searching Google or Facebook, or if all else fails don’t hesitate to get in touch with me and I’ll help you find one.

Thebabywearer.com is an amazing resource where you can find video and picture tutorials, mentors, and plenty of babywearers active in the community who are more than willing to answer questions and make recommendations.

Any talk about baby wearing should include talk about safety. Babywearing International says it better than I could, so I encourage you to click through and read about it.


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Q- How do you get Henry on your back?

A- I made a little video, here are two great techniques for getting baby on your back.

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Q: Was Josh on the babywearing board right away too? Or did he come to it later? Are there wraps/carriers that he prefers over others?

A: Wearing Henry made sense to the both of us from day one. We have never used his stroller, as we both find it much, much easier to throw him on and go- whether it’s walking the dogs, shopping, commuting via train in the city, or just a walk around the block.  No folding and unfolding the stroller, no wrangling the dogs and the wheels, and an added bonus that I wasn’t anticipating; Henry gets to see and hear everything instead of spending his time at knee level.


Josh’s favorite carrier is the Ergo, when Hen was tiny we used the infant insert and this allowed the Ergo to grow with him. At 18 months Henry has finally outgrown the Ergo (not the weight limit, but he no longer gets knee-to-knee support and it’s not as comfortable for Josh) and Josh has started using wraps when he needs to get Henry up. Be still my heart.

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Q: My kid hates being carried – or at least, did untll I gave up on it a few months ago. She’s 7 months old now – is there anything I can try to make her tolerate it?

A: I never really know how to address this question, because I don’t have all the information. I don’t know what kind of carrier you were using or if you had your baby properly positioned.  A different carrier might help, working on positioning might do the trick, some babies (mine included) might fuss and fight being wrapped but settle right down once they are snug as a bug back there. So I think your best bet to troubleshoot these issues is to find a babywearing meeting near you.

Q: I know I want wear my baby but I don’t know where to start. There are so many carriers and they are all so different- ringsling, moby wrap, ergo, not to mention all the beautiful wraps and different carries that you use! And they’re not cheap so i can’t just buy everything that catches my eye. So where should I start?

A: Well the best way to try a lot of different carriers and find the one you like without a big investment is to find a babywearing meeting near you.

Q: How do I find a babywearing meeting near me?

A: Two good resources that I would use to find a babywearing meeting are:

Babywearing International: http://babywearinginternational.org/pages/chapters.php


TheBabyWearer.com: http://www.thebabywearer.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?72-Babywearers-Near-You

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Q: What is a good wrap to start out with for an infant? Would you recommend something like a Moby, or something less structured?”

A: I started out with a Moby, I used it twice and knew pretty quickly that I liked wrapping but that a Moby wasn’t for me. I found the Moby very hot, too stretchy and very long. There is a lot of fabric to contend with when using a Moby and I found it overwhelming. I was worried about giving this advice as a lot of people like the Moby and it is a cheap and easy to find option, and really, if you can’t find anything else it’ll do the job and you’ll be cuddling your newborn and you’ll be happy…but after talking to some friends I know my experience isn’t unique so I’ll tell you, I really believe that a German style woven wrap (non stretchy) is your best bet. My favorite brand is Didymos, I think they make consistently quality wraps.  To any new wrapper, especially one wrapping a newborn I would suggest a size 6 (size 5 if you are very small) cotton wrap in any color or pattern you love. The more you like it the more likely you are to use it. A cotton German style woven- not a gauze wrap- can be pricey- around $130+ new; they can also be found used on various swap and FSOT sites, and this week a lot of vendors are having terrific sales 20%-25% off for International Babywearing Week. 

If you find wrapping is not for you there are lots of alternatives, ring slings, mei tais, even the Ergo etc. and my friend Meredith has an incredible comprehensive newborn babywearing guide on her blog Becoming Mamas here: http://www.becomingmamas.com/becoming-mamas-top-picks-for-newborn-carriers/

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Kicking off International Babywearing Week by wrapping the chump up for a trip to the pediatrician. I cannot exaggerate the joy that Babywearing has brought into my life since becoming a mom. Not to mention, it’s made this gig a whole lot easier. I’ll be talking about Babywearing and answering questions all week, so please leave a question in the comments if you’ve got one.

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Babywearing in the Windy City. (Taken with Instagram)

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Babywearing hugs are the best!

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Babywearing hugs are the best!