“The Maiden Metallurgist” is technically a married metallurgist. A mommy metallurgist.


I believe in kindness, inclusion, and kicking ass.

I love make up, color, hard work, warped looms, new skeins of yarn, waking up early, pulling weeds, and taking pictures. I love cheesy books about witches. I love food and cocktails, babywearing, fiber arts, and gardening.

I live in the Chicagoburbs with my handsome and witty husband Josh, our two awesome boys and a whole menagerie of dogs, cats, and chickens. I moved here from Denver in 2008 and miss the mountains like you wouldn’t believe.

My husband and I went from meet to married in just a few months. We struggled with infertility but are lucky to share our lives with two awesome boys, one of whom happens to have an extra chromosome.


Down syndrome sounded scary at first, but it has added far more to my life than I ever imagined.

I am impulsive, passionate, and believe in saying YES! That’s how one night, after sharing a bottle of wine, Josh and I started 3.21 Carry a non profit whose purpose is to serve both parents who need special carriers to meet special needs, and parents of older children with special needs who need carriers for younger typical children.

I am also a volunteer babywearing educator with the South Chicagoland chapter of Babywearing International; I love teaching and changing people’s lives but I try not to talk about baby wearing TOO much on the blog because this isn’t a babywearing blog.

It’s a happiness blog, with a healthy dose of reality, because that’s who I am.

I want to show you how beautiful Down Syndrome is, why it’s not as scary as you might think.

I want to get you hooked on babywearing.

I want to chat about raspberries, and tomatoes, and gin, and handspun yarns.

It’s nice to meet you, thanks for coming by.