Adventures In Babysitting

Tomorrow night, for the first time ever, Josh and I are leaving our kids for a couple of hours with a babysitter.

We are terrified. And elated.

I the past 3 years, we have less than a handful of nights out. It takes a toll. Sometimes two adults just want to be adults, not parents, for a couple of hours. Frankly, I hardly remember what that feels like at this point. We don’t have family or friends in the area who we can drop the kids with, or who can come over for an hour or two so we can grab dinner or see a movie. Every outing is a family affair. But not tomorrow.

We are starting small, after the kids are in bed the caregiver is coming over. We’ll head out to a local place that has interesting craft beers on tap. We’ll find something to talk about, probably the kids or our marriage or current events. We’ll spend a little time looking at our iPhones guilt free because we won’t be ignoring little people who just want to play with us. We’ll have a beer or two and then walk home.

Three years is a long time to go without having an adult social life.

Any tips?

Ditch The Dump- week 2

I shamefully failed my own challenge in only the second week! but I have a really, really good excuse!

If you read my Catch the Moment post I was very ill last week, and had good reason to stay in my pajamas.

Speaking of pajamas, I am partial to a pair of white, neck to ankle long underwear that Josh jokingly refers to as my “Quantum Leap” suit. It is truly, the ugliest, dumpiest, sloppiest looking thing I could possible choose to bum around in. But it’s cozy, and it was soft on my skin when my skin wasn’t feeling good.

Without further ado I present:

Quantum Drea


I failed, but next week I’ll do better! How did you do this week?

10 Months

10 months! Double digits! My baby is getting so big!


His beautiful baby blue eyes seem to be turning, I’m interested to see if he ends up with green eyes like me, hazel eyes like his dad, brown eyes like Hen, or something entirely unique.


Cop is amazing, the other day, motivated by one of Henry’s trains he moved three feet through a combination or rolling and squiggling. I can tell he is on the verge of a breakthrough. He is going through a growth spurt, eating everything in sight and sleeping tons. Can’t wait to see what my boy does next!


365 Fridays- Week 14

On Friday’s I’m linking up for a 365 hosted by Sarah @ Nurse Loves Farmer, Mindi @ Simply Stavish, and Stephanie @ Behind the Camera & Dreaming.


95/36595/365- My friend Jac and her family joined us on a little expedition to the Wisconsin Dells for Henry’s birthday. Copley was smitten.

97/36597/365- A baby taking a bath in the sink is the cutest.

98/36598/365- Out of focus, but it’s the one and only photo I took this day, I was the sickest this week, I barely got out of bed.

99/36599/365- If mommy can’t go to the baby, bring the baby to the mountain. As sick as I was I was a bit worried about the baby, but our pedi said “just keep nursing.”  Mother’s milk is magic.

100/365100/365- We are doing a self portrait to celebrate 100 days of the project, and this picture perfectly captures this moment in time. 2 trips to the ER, one negative strep test, and $400 later, turns out I have Scarlet Fever. WTF? How does that even happen.

Ditch the Dump- Week 1

It’s pretty funny that I’m posting this link up in sweats! I’m slathered in Vicks vaporub and wearing one of Josh’s old t shirts to keep it off my sheets. I’m sick as a dog. But I ditched the dumpy sweats this weekend!



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In the Blink Of An Eye

My baby is three.




365 Fridays- Week 13

On Friday’s I’m linking up for a 365 hosted by Sarah @ Nurse Loves Farmer, Mindi @ Simply Stavish, and Stephanie @ Behind the Camera & Dreaming.


87/365-  I traveled with the boys to visit my grandma last weekend. It was a lovely trip, the boys were amazing and I am so glad we went.

88/365- My cousins wanted to get in on the babywearing action, Cop is happy to be snuggled by anybody and everybody, right here he is on the cusp of a wrap nap.

89/36589/365- Checked the carseat on the flight home, good thing I brought a wrap AND a ring sling in my carry on. Two kids, two carriers, and boy was I glad I had that wrap when I needed to throw Hen on my back later.

90/36590/365- rucking in the park. We got a teaser of sun before the rain started. But it’s coming back, one day.

91/365- the hair, the Superman curl, the robot shirt.

92/36592/365- Antoher cell phone pic, Josh took this when we were snoozing and I found it on my phone when I woke up. This is a true “Cath the Moment” moment. And proof that the best camera is the one you have available.

93/365- Brothers share.

Ditch The Dumpy Sweats

Every couple of months I swear off sweat pants. I purge my closet, I hunt for alternatives, but I never make it a lasting habit. Before long I dig around and somehow find a ratty pair that I missed, throw them on and melt into the couch. Occasionally I’ll get cleaned up and marvel at how good I look when I’m clean, coiffed, and wearing real pants.

I feel good when I look good, so why do I spend so much of my time schlepping around in ratty sweats? Because I’m lazy and a creature of comfort of course!  But Spring is here and i’m feeling inspired!

I read fashion and beauty blogs, I pin looks I love on Pinterest, I obsess over my colors, I play around with make-up; but I really wish I had more style. I oscillate between wishing I could still rock the things I wore in my twenties, and wishing I could find a more appropriate style for the body and life I have now. I want results, but I never do the work.


So I’m issuing a challenge to myself and I hope you’ll join me!

For the entire month of April (and hopefully one month will make it a habit) I’m ditching my dumpy sweat pants! I’m getting cute on my days off!

Join me here for a weekly link up on Tuesdays in April and let’s get cute!

Lorac Pro Palette


Well look at this little birthday surprise that showed up on my doorstep! My great friend Suz is super thoughtful and better than anyone I know at remembering occasions and choosing gifts that people actually love.


I have been adding the Lorac Pro Palette (not sponsored, just having fun) to my cart and taking it out for months. On one hand, what a perfect palette, the whole range of neutrals, matte and shimmer all in one place.


On the other hand, I knew it would not be a palette match, so I just couldn’t pull the trigger. Now that I have it in my hot little hands, I can see quite a few shades that will work, and the warmer shades will be fun to play around with.

Best part; I’ve been looking for a better color to use as brow fill for months; I’ve been using MAC Brun which is close, but too warm, Espresso, the dark matte brown on the palette is a perfect cool brown.

Time to play! When I was a single gal living alone I used to “play” make-up- on a night in I’d play around trying new looks, this little gift inspired me to play again.


Of course the first place I looked for a tutorial to make the best use of my new palette is my favorite make-up blog Maskcara. Although I use her tips less and less the more I embrace my bright winter palette, she’s definitely my first stop for all thinks make-up.

“Natural” Make-up look tutorial- I put natural in quotes because this looks nothing like natural me, but I suppose that’s the point right? If I wanted lo look totally natural I’d skip the make-up all together- and most days I do.


I took my search to YouTube for this next look. I’ve never been able to do a smoky eye without looking like I got beat up, so I’m pretty happy with the results here. It’s definitely a look better suited for a night on the town than a night on the couch, but hey, that’s my life!

Tutorial for a smoky eye

(Forgive the weird lighting in these pics, the first is very early morning, the second is late at night)

Have you tried this palette? Have any great tutorial recommendations for me?

365 Fridays

Late again! I was traveling last Friday. I’ve been taking pic everyday, but this week is a bit of a grab bag. I lost track of what happened when… and I definitely don’t have time to sort it all out.

On Friday’s I’m linking up for a 365 hosted by Sarah @ Nurse Loves Farmer, Mindi @ Simply Stavish, and Stephanie @ Behind the Camera & Dreaming.


80/356 Henry likes to play all over and around his brother when he’s trapped in his car seat when we are getting ready to leave the house. Because it;s not stressful enough trying to get 2 kids out the door, we need to add tortured baby cries into the mix. “Look Copley, I’m driving my car on you! No you can’t have the car, it’s MY car”

81/365  josh took this photo of my at The Art Institute last weekend, I think I look great, he thinks I look totally scary (maybe that’s what I like about it). Either way, I love the light.

82/365  On Sunday Josh was potty training Henry (in one day! more on that in another post) I drove up ti visit my friend Buffy of Daily Adventures of the SAHM and her babies. How sweet is her newest one! Too cute!

83/365 Henry is FINALLY tall enough for his balance bike. Now if somebody cuold jsut come over and teach him how to ride it…

84/365  Ah. I’m so happy when I take a picture and it actually captures everything I wanted it to capture. The bright eyes, the reflection on the shiny table, the pinky cheeks…

85/365 I mostly grab my camera on days when I’m showered, dressed, and generally put together… so here’s a glimpse of real life. Grubby 3 year old nursing tank, swet pants, iPad, big kid underpants, and baby who fell over and was waiting patiently (for a while) for someone to right him. Isn’t life grand?

86/36586/365- Traveling solo with 2 kiddos! Boy, was it tough! But we survived, more on this later!